Commentary on "Men Had Their Chance; New Funds Bet on Women"


The Wall Street Journal article:

Men Had Their Chance; New Funds Bet on Women. Fund Companies' New Offerings Invest in Companies With Women at the Helm 


I am a woman Financial Advisor in an industry where barely 20% of recruits are women. In fact, as a Master of Electronic Engineering I have worked in a male-dominated industry for many years.

While working at IBM I have noticed there was not much of the difference in figures between offices in Israel and in Canada . Actually there were a bit more women employed in Canada than in Israel.

Are the new funds (“betting” on women) a new trend of reality or another marketing trick trying to get investors vote with their money to show approval of being politically correct?

In my 14 years of experience as a Financial Advisor I have confirmed that women have some qualities that are really precious in the business of money management and in any business, which are:

Commitment, Consistency, Caution, Conservative approach (Not all which glitters is really gold!), Creativity, Calm, and many others.

But , … I am not sure that having a woman as a CEO, or having 3 women in the board of directors , will ensure the success of the companies – i.e. investments in the companies.

One reason is that sometimes it takes extraordinary circumstances (usually extraordinary NOT positive circumstances) to have a women elected in a CEO or any C-suite position …

The situation of GM comes to my mind.  I can’t imagine a deeper hardship than new CEO Mary Barra is going through these days.

Or Marissa Mayer, who was nominated to a CEO position at Yahoo a couple of years ago.  So …  My opinion is that women have achieved great strides in business, but …

I will still recommend investments based on the quality of a business and not on the % of gender composition of the C-suite positions.