Travel Insurance

Before your next trip abroad you may want to consider minimizing the financial risks brought on by unfortunate accidents, illnesses or missed flights.



Traveling outside of Canada soon?

Expecting Visitors? Make sure they are covered while in Canada.




Provincial health insurance plans look after your hospital and medical expenses while you are in Canada, but once you travel outside of the country you want to make sure you have adequate coverage.  How do you know what you are covered for?

Check your health benefits package through work and what plan your credit card is associated with, and then choose a solution which allows you to cover unexpected components. Are you prepared to make additional purchases from your vacation budget if your baggage is lost, your trip gets cancelled, a flight is delayed for more than 4 hours?  What if you have a medical emergency away from home? Planning ahead will save you from spending way more than you expected.

What to look for

  • Credit cards. If you are over age 65 most cards won’t offer you travel insurance, and because there is no medical questionnaire, any preexisting conditions are not covered.
  • Work benefits plan. It has similar pitfalls as the credit card policies, but usually with lower coverage limits. Some of them may even include a lifetime maximum amount and cover only your expenses related to business trips, not necessarily vacations.

How to save

  • Avoid travel agency plans and buy directly from an insurance agent. Buying coverage directly from an insurance company will offer the most complete coverage and save you 40% or more on premium. Consider getting insurance which will make payments upfront and directly to the service provider, ensuring you don’t need to worry about paying bills out-of-pocket.
  • Going on a trip with your significant other? Couples coverage plans are going to be cheaper. Consider getting a quote for both of you together. If you are travelling more than a couple of times a year, purchase an annual plan. This way you can cover more trips for less.

What type of traveller are you? 

The Thrill Seeker. You're looking for adventure at every turn! Whatever your pleasure, you want to get extended coverage for your hang-gliding, rock-climbing, speed-racing, parachuting or scuba-diving activities. Regular travel insurance won’t cover expenses if a medical emergency results from high-risk activities.

The Play-it-by-Ear Pilgrim. You plan the trip! ... but only after you see where the journey takes you. Prior to departure, you want to make sure the destinations you are thinking of are included with your travel plan. Check the list online before you leave and avoid destinations where non-essential travel is not advised!

The Relaxation Addict. There’s nothing better for you than sitting by the pool or on a beautiful, soothing beach with a tasty drink and a good book. Vacation takes you away from the hectic lifestyle of the everyday, but accidents and illnesses can occur anywhere. Travel insurance will allow you to have additional peace of mind before you arrive to your destination and while travelling.





Choose from the following options:

  • Single-Trip Plan: Provides coverage for one trip for the number of days purchased. No age limit but you will have to answer medical questions if you are over the age of 55.
  • Quick Trip Plan: Provides coverage for one trip of less than 18 days for those 55-74 years of age. There are no eligibility questions for this option.
  • Multi-Trip Plan: Provides coverage for an unlimited number of trips during the policy year for the number of days purchased. Options of 4, 10, 18 and 30 day plans. No age limit.
  • All-Inclusive Plan: Provides several benefits all in one plan. It covers Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Baggage Loss, Delay & Damage, Flight Accident and Travel Accident.
  • Travel Canada Plan: Provides Emergency Medical Insurance if all travel is within Canada at 50% off the regular Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan rates.
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Plan: May be purchased as part of an All-Inclusive Plan or separately.  If purchasing separately, must be purchased within 8 days of booking your travel plans.

 Benefits available

Emergency Medical Insurance: Covers you up to $10,000,000 for expenses as a result of emergency medical attention required during your trip.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance: Available as a single plan or as a Single-Trip All-Inclusive or Multi-Trip All-Inclusive Plan, if you are unable to travel or your trip is interrupted due to a covered event.

Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay: Covers you for loss or damage to your baggage or baggage delay.

Flight Accident: Covers you for $100,000 for death or double dismemberment, or $50,000 for single dismemberment.

Travel Accident: Covers you for $50,000 for death or double dismemberment, or $25,000 for single dismemberment.

Stay in touch

In order to have full coverage, it is critical to call the emergency assistance 24 – hour hotline immediately 1-888-881-8010 toll-free from the USA and Canada +1 (519) 945-8346 collect to Canada where available, from anywhere else in the world. Failure to do so will cost you 20% of the eligible medical expenses that would be normally paid under the policy.